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About us
About Us

A dog-no other animal that will love you so selflessly, guard and protect you, your family and your given territory to him so fiercely, spread cheer and joy in the entire house so effortlessly and at the end of your day welcome you at the door so gleefully, than our four pawed companions!! We dedicate our website to the pursuit of happiness for these friends and hope that our line of hand picked products will bring some extra zip in their lives, keep them healthy and robust and make their lives longer and full of joy.

Welcome to the world of Value Pet, a brand name of PHOENIX OVERSEAS which is a well established company based in New Delhi. With the growing demand in the domestic market for high quality products and accessories for dogs and other household pets, we have now launched an entire range of exciting and new products through our e-commerce shopping website. Our unique and innovative range of pet products offers you a host of choices in terms of tough and durable nylon collars and leashes, colourful and decorative collars in Mayan and Indian motifs and designs, jewelled collars and leashes for your valued dog or cat friends, mouth watering and healthy meals and snacks, and the finest grooming and healthcare products to give them a glossy fur, sparkly, gleaming teeth, and even fashion items to add to special moments in your best friendís life.

Value Petís hand picked products are unmatched in quality, design and durability. We specialize in unique latex and rubber toys, treats, snacks and bones made from pure, unbleached rawhide. We also offer you the latest rage in pet accessories like charms, diamante collars, hot dog caps, stylish bandanas and booties and a unique range of personal gifts of hand bag charms, metal and enameled key chains, sun umbrellas, floor mats, car air fresheners, key covers all with breed specific themes from the number 1 selling gift accessories from Little Gifts Inc USA.

As we say, if we can wear the best and have the best, why not treat our best friends the same?

Our mission is to bring to you products which will keep your best friend in the best of health while making them look their best. Our entire range of distinctively designed products is manufactured with pride in India and sourced from all over the world!

Our dedicated staff members of animal lovers are passionate about their job, and the services they want to extend to you. Our endeavour is to provide you with an effortless shopping experience through our easy to browse, efficiently designed, and completely secure online shopping catalogue.

We offer free shipping in the Delhi/NCR area and on most products throughout the country. ValuePet products are unique and Value Pet prices are unmatched and provide real Value for money-so before you buy ,compare and save!!!!

Please feel free to write to us if you especially like any of our special products, or if you have suggestions for us to improve our line. We very much value your opinion.

In the world of Value Pet, your petís happiness is just a click away! Happy Shopping!

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Destructive Chewing Habits

Some breeds of dogs are naturally destructive when bored. The good news is they can be trained as they are are highly motivated by treats and they love to play. Give them a treat toy filled with treats so that they can channel thier energy on the treat toy.

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Nail Trimming

Do you hear clicking sounds when your dog walk? If yes, then it's time to trim its nails. Nails can be broken when untrimmed. Worse, some nails may even curl and grow back into your dog's feet. Dewclaws should not be neglected. Left untrimmed, dewclaws can grow so long that they curl up and grow into the soft tissue. W

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How To Measure Your Dog

Measuring your pet when selecting a collar or T-Shirt or coat is the most important thing in order to get a correct fit.

With the wide variety of apparel and accessories available for pets, choosing the right size can be daunting. And proper fit is especially important for dogs. Wearing anything on their bodies

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Understanding why your dog barks is the major step to solve your problem. Most dogs will bark with their might when strangers approach. And when strangers have left, their barking will cease. Because of this, dogs have associated barking as a power to drive threats. The next time your dog barks when your neighbour appe

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